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July 21, 2004

More News From Maui (weather still better than yours)

Our trip to Maui and visit with Marc and Perrin continues to be fun filled. We met baby-group pals Rebecca, Dan & Caleb plus Rebecca's parents at the Old Lahaina Luau for some authentic Hawaiian food and entertainment.

One of our next trips was to the excellent Maui Ocean Center where Hazel saw lots of fish like rays, sharks, and the popular humuhunmnukunukuapuaa. She learned about whales, eels, coral, and jellyfish and the importance of Maui's diverse marine life.

Perrin took us on a trip to Haleakala, House of the Sun. We ascended to 10,023ft. through clouds and volcanic rocks to look into Haleakela's crater.

Hazel's been up to all sorts of other things too like eating poi, attending beach birthday parties, swimming and other stuff - even walking (three steps at a time).

Posted by Kyle at July 21, 2004 01:16 AM


Cute, Cute, Cute, thanks for sharing more thoughts and pictures. It seems Hazel is really studying everything, she looks so thoughful but oh so cute. We love you all! The adults are cute too!

Posted by: Carol & Dave at July 21, 2004 12:29 PM

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