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November 08, 2004

Trip to Philadelphia, too

Like Auntie Perrin said, we had a great time in Philly at Rachel & J's wedding, and seeing family. We got to spend lots of time with Emma, Robby and Hazel's new little cousin Julia going to the Philadelphia Art Museum, historic Independence Hall, and the zoo.

From there we went to Colonial Jamestown and Williamsburg in Virginia, where it rained, but there were lots of cool historic sites and people in costumes pretending to be English colonists in 17th century America.

Finally we went to Washington DC for some sight seeing and another wedding, this one was for Kyle's friends John Lang and Debra Olsen. We saw the US Capital, the Washington Monument, Smithsonian Museums, National Archives (which Hazel thought had the best echoes of all the buildings we saw), and the National Gallery of Art. It was a great trip, and we plan to return to see all the great monuments we didn't have time for on this trip.

Congratulations Rachel & J, and John & Deb! All our love and best wishes to you.

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