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December 06, 2004


Hazel has always been very vocal, as those who know her will agree. But it is now, with her 18 month mark fast approaching, that some of her earnestly meant babbles are becoming real words, and many of her signs are stringing together into sentences like "more banana please" or "bath book sleep" initiating our night-time routine. Below are lists of her growing vocabulary:

Spoken Words
hi, Mama, Dada, Papa or Baba (grandpa), Nana (grandma), baby, more, art, book, ball, dots, bath, night-night, poop, diaper, cat, duck, moo (cow), hoo (owl), hat, ice, juice, cheese, water, bar (granola or powerbar, not the other kind... yet), this, that, up, uh-oh

drink, eat, more, sleep, bath, wash hands, baby, music, ball, book/read, play, help, smell, banana, apple/fruit, shoes, up, down, gentle/soft, watch/time, please, thank you, hat, look/see/eye, listen/hear/ear, cereal/o's, candle, moon, stars, tree, light, cat, dog, bird, pig, rabbit, mouse, frog, fish, monkey, bear, hug/love, big, draw/write/art, diaper, phone, dance, bib, blow/wipe nose, hot, all-done, where is it?, bye-bye...

Plus she's quick to identify pretty much all of her little body parts as well as the matching parts on anyone standing within range.

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