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January 02, 2005

Merry Christmas!

This time last year Hazel was excited just to be able to sit up on her own and be surrounded by people taking pictures of her and all her gifts. This year was a different story. The people with cameras and gifts were all there, but Hazel was a moving target.

We started the season off with a trip to the California State Railroad Museum and a ride on Santa's Christmas Train. Owen and Genevieve were there too (with their Dads). We looked out the windows at the river, sang songs and we all got to sit on Santa's lap for pictures. Hazel discovered how busy Santa Claus could be when she visited him again at the mall a few days later.

Hazel and Amy baked Christmas cookies, then on Christmas Eve we joined Lisa, Paul, Delaney, Sophie & Gemma at the annual City of Davis Community Dinner for good food and music.

At home Hazel insisted that the Christmas tree be lit first thing every morning, helped decorate the tree (and at times gently undecorate it), and helped everyone open their gifts when the time came. Hazel received many wonderful gifts - her favorites today are a doll stroller and the Aquadoodle. Merry Christmas!

The holiday was nicely bookended by a trip back to the Railroad Museum with Hazel's friend Nate and her grandparents visiting from Kentucky. Hazel likes the toy trains.

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