The June Bugs

May 5, 2005

Thanks Baby Namers!

Baby time is drawing near so we want to say thanks to everyone who contributed to the Help Us Name Our Baby contest. We are warmed by the care that went into your suggestions and surprised by the level of participation. Honestly we thought we'd get a few submissions from family and close friends, but we received over 180 entries from 30 people including family, friends, and plenty of people we don't even know - hooray for the internet!

I'm sorry to say that we are no longer accepting suggestions, the contest is over. The good news is we've narrowed the field to a very short list of finalists. We will make an announcement as soon as we have a little girl to go with it, so keep checking in with The Hazel Bee for word of her arrival!

Posted by Kyle at May 5, 2005 12:05 AM


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